B​-​Sides and Covers: 2015​-​2017

by Matt Collaborate

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(free) 01:39


released June 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Matt Collaborate Evesham Township, New Jersey

A solo project where I do a lot of covers, and originals that I write or collaborate with people.

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Track Name: Freedom (Acoustic)
Do you really wanna know where I’ve been?
I’ve been a ghost and I’ve been praying for my sins.
I am a goner and the apartment is always empty.
You know where to find me.

I’ve been walking up and down Passyunk today.
I don’t know where to go,
maybe I should go back home
to the town home that’s my cave

I’ve been thinking.
I’ve been drinking.
Where have you been?

I’ve been a ghost all these years.
Looking for a host for my fears.
I’ve been alone all this time.
The choice of freedom or lies.

I’ve been hiding in my room,
Got nothing to say.
I ain’t leaving anytime soon,
I've got debts to pay.

I’ve been a ghost all these years.
Looking for a host for my fears.
I run away every time:
The choice of freedom has it’s price.

I’ve been hiding in these bars for so many years
I know that you aren’t far,
I figured you find me here.

Everyone left but i’m still here,
Taking these steps with all my fears.
Everyones gone, they disappeared .
Freedom is wanted, it’s clear.
I see these ghosts on all these streets.
Now I am stuck with the memories.
I thought you’d look for me,
But now you’re finally free.

Do you really wanna know where I’ve been?
I’ve been a ghost and I’ve been praying for my sins.
I am a goner and I spend my time alone.
You know where to find, so pick up that phone.
Track Name: The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses
"We are gathered here today..."
(Is how we got started)
"...To say goodbye to our dearly departed"
Since you've been away the paint has started to chip away.

The summer you were born,
like the summers we used to spend on the pike.
All our friends would meet at Carmine's until the day came to an end.

Your house was a place where we would all meet
on that hot blacktop street where we used to skate.
The days ran away like wild horses gone astray

If you were here now I'll tell you about how all our friends moved away
or went separate ways.
I think your family'd be proud of the man you became.

If you could change time,
Would you want to press rewind?
If you could change fate,
Would he still be here today?

I had a dream we were in a field like a movie screen,
I spent one last time with you. It was the day after you died.
If I could go back, spend one last time to say goodbye,
oh, why did I have to say goodbye?

If you could change time would you want to press rewind?
If you could change fate would he still be here today?
If you could change time just what would you say?
I'd say "My friend, I'd like to spend one more day."

If you could change fate would you still be here today?
If you could go back, just what would you say?
Track Name: The Devil's Work
There's all the demons you've got locked inside your head.
You think by standing there in black, you would think you're dead.
A serpents taste, a pretty face,
what a shame that you dread feeling used.
Maybe a muse, maybe just shy away instead.
I'll be a martyr in your bed.

Frustrated frame, the Devils work comes to idle hands.
Low vibrating sounds down in hell, they understand.
Pluck away, distract away
from the path of righteousness,
in scarcity, insecurity: it's what we lack.
So just listen to the feedback.

You could spend your night dancing with the Devil or you can walk away.

We all have potential to be Angels, but you and I ain't gonna change.
Track Name: I May Not Follow
"Ever since you've been away I've been hiding all my grace,
And you said you couldn't stay, leave me behind"

You were stuck in tragedy.
There was nothing I could save.
It was only a matter of time.

Let your guard down for me.
And when you fall down I wont be there this time.

Friendship gone, there's nothing left.
You now sit at home bereft.
I know you're drowning in regret with what you did.

But their are boundaries in this life.
So it's time to say goodbye.
So long, farewell the final time.

And now it's time to say goodbye.
It's really over this time.
I've moved on with my life.
Track Name: Everyone Tonight
Double the trouble and double the fun,
we all know that two is better than one.
Take off your clothes if you want,
cause right now it's pleasure for everyone tonight.

Get comfortable as you put back on your shirt.
Everyones wins, nobody gets hurt.
We keep it open, don't you know the rules?
Or maybe in the end i'm just a fool for love and lust.

I don't expect you to understand.
It fuels the fire stops from it being bland.
That's fine if you want to do monogamy.
You can be in love and also be free
to express feelings that most keep repressed.
But come back to the one is a true test of strength and bond.
Track Name: U.S.
What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.
Keep a match lit inside your brain to keep your desire.
Why some people just give up, I can't figure it out.
They die inside before their times up, I can't figure it out.

So I'm taking a walk around the block to see what the fuss is about.
Is it fireworks or gunshots? The police are out and about.
I'll climb the stairs to my brothers place to try and clear my head.
Brother you inspire me to get these thoughts out my head.

No, I won't wait until I'm dead.

They alienate and separate this country in half.

These politics are just like a failed relationship.
Emotionally unavailable, insecure, little kid.
I don't know know why the senators won't answer calls,
just like the fleeting women that never cared at all.
The President is drunk off gin, so is the Speaker of the House.
I tried to give what I could with whatever was aloud.
America wanted me to kick and bitch and scream.
But fuck your lies and your disguise, I'll save that for the strings.

No, I won't wait for your call.

I'm gonna make the best of it all.

No, I can't figure it out.

No, I can't figure you out.
Track Name: The Antagonist
I can't express myself, I'm too afraid.
I though I knew it all.
I moved back to the city in the Fall.
Only a matter of time before I blow it all.
I'm locking myself in this room on Saturday I want to be alone
I hear the summer sounds outside and the silence of my phone.

I'm falling down.
There's no one around.
I can't go back now to my hometown.

Everything's changed.
I'm now 28.
How could I expect things to stay the same?

I never dreamt how good it feels to hear a familiar voice.
Trapped in vanity, insanity, what's left to explore?
I try to stay present but the past fucks up the future choice
Every day mundane, the same, I can't help but to be annoyed.

I'm panicking.
Anxiety attacking.
I think I'm lacking motivation.

Gut is bulging.
Post-trauma stressing, not owning up.

Just cover it up.
All the scars.
Like Mother said: "Nothing is ever good enough"
I wanna be tough,
But I wanna scream.
Is this all a dream?
Like on TV?
What is reality?
The narrative is imperative.
The antagonist is attacking me.
I don't know his name.
But he looks like me at 17, except longer hair,
And naive dream without a care.
But a smokescreen to what life would really be.
Well Father, I'm finding out the truth.
About how no ones looking out for me, except me.
And that's the way I'll always be.
Track Name: Ringing in our Ears
They send their men with their guns off to war.
Can you tell me what were fighting for?
Another game to serve the corporate whores.
Another game just to even the score.

Support the rebels and give them their might
Next thing you know they aren't on our side.
Then the TV tells us who to hate.
The clock is ticking i think it's too late.

Is it too late for the refugee?
They to flee because they want to be free like you and me.

And now they profit from the increase in arms.
Making money off of innocent lives.
There is big business in tragedy.
The bottom line is the money

Time to exploit for this political race.
Death in a place for music to thrive.
Anger and sorrow the families have to face.
Digital age how can we survive?

Are we even alive?

Is their empathy left inside our hearts?
Am I too naive to think we all can be free
to hear music without fear of death ringing in our ears?
Track Name: I'll Love You Till I'm Dead
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry I get mean and cranky in the morning right before I eat.

Just ignore me and my bad temperament.
The child in me, the feelings never left.

I know you're going crazy.
I know I drive you crazier.
I just get bored, I need a stimulus.

You know I'm an Aries.
You know that I carry a fire in me, but I'm innocuous.

I could apologize till the end of time,
but I just want you to be mine.
I'm sorry for all the shit I said.

I could memorize all these lines,
sing it to you from time to time.
I know I don't show it,
But I'll love you till I'm dead.
Track Name: You Vandal (Saves The Day)
written by Chris Connely and Saves The Day.
Track Name: Between the Bars (Elliot Smith) w/ Rachel Andie
Written by Elliot Smith
Track Name: Good Man (Brand New)
Written by Jesse Lacey and Brand New
Track Name: Tell Tale Heart (New Found Glory)
Written by Jordon Pundik and New Found Glory
Track Name: The Joy in Forgetting/The Joy in Acceptance (Bright Eyes)
Written by Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes