Your Dreams Are Better Than Mine

by Matt Collaborate

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released October 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Matt Collaborate Evesham Township, New Jersey

A solo project where I do a lot of covers, and originals that I write or collaborate with people.

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Track Name: Some Kind of Peace
If I told you all the hell I went through to get to you,
you wouldn’t believe me:
My little boy story.

My long-winded tales of toil.
My journey from the soil.
In the end the victor gets the spoils.
A light, at the end of the tunnel.

My bad boy story of dropping out.
My travels across the country:
Hotel doors and sleeping on floors.
My path was never-ending.

Please don’t get mad that I’m always on defense.
I try to forget my past and what they did.
The ones from before don’t mean a thing when we’re living in the moment
and open our mouths to sing.

Now here we are baby:
Gone from the suburbs to the city.
So I sit up here in our apartment.

I don’t know If I deserve for you to be so kind,
But I know I finally did find some kind of peace.

A small kind of peace.
Finally, some peace.

My life used to be so loud.
But now, I finally found some peace and quiet
with you.
Track Name: Stay By My Side
Girl, why you making me feel this way?
You got me shaking with all the things that you say.
And you’re making me spend every day
driving across this town to see your face.

And I know it’s my own fault.
When we kiss, time stops.
And I know that I miss you,
don’t you miss me too?

Boy, why you making me feel this way?
Got me shaking with all the games that you play.
Got me waiting for you every day
while I’m playing on these keys in the foyer.

And I know that you’ll make time,
the way you look into my eyes.
And I know that I want you,
don’t you want me too?

As long as these chords collide I can feel it in my bones.
And when our hearts collide I can feel it in these tones.
Just stay by my side so I’m not alone.

The seeds that we planted here, oh my, how they have grown.
As long as our roots stay here I know that we’ll be home.
Just stay by my side so I’m not alone.
Track Name: Light
They never said this was gonna be easy.
It’s all in our heads, or maybe chemistry.
A generation dead, darkness over the city.
Hang me by the neck when I make her cry.
Curl up in bed, a blanket of apathy.

Inject and infect, do we lie down and die?
Correct the disconnect but I don’t know why.
You think that love would be enough, but when you don’t have the cards
the world will call your bluff:
It’s either sink or swim.
And I don’t know what to do I’m acting like a jerk
to the one that cares the most, all I do is hurt.
A card game you cannot win.

I never said this was gonna be easy.
I think about when we first met.
Could we go back to when things were simple?
Do you remember that night?

So we sat in my car in the parking lot and we waited all night
for the rain to stop.
So I turned your head, said it was my turn and our lips met, it was our first.
And when it was time to say goodbye I looked deep into your eyes.
So you waited in the rain that didn’t stop, but you came right back in the parking lot and there was something you forgot:
one last kiss.

So in the game of life you just got to play
and to fold bad cards when you lost the game.
But the truth is that you can’t beat death,
but you can beat death in life, you can.
There’s a light out there for us all, a fine line we have to walk:
It’s either sink or swim.

I’ll be the light if I can.
Track Name: Crying Wolf
Hanging by a thread with the words you said.
Paying for plastic smiles, repaying all your debts.
Turning on your friends, going out in style.

Remember what they said about when we were very young?
You can’t always get what you want or get over on everyone.
Lies come back to haunt you, it ain't all games and fun.
But that’s nothing to a man that’s on the run.

Sever all your ties, consistent in surprise.
You better get your story straight
Saying your goodbyes.
Time for compromise.
Are you just mad that you got caught?

Remember what they talked about when we were very young?
In that book when the boy cried wolf, then he’d finally come?
This time you’ve gone and astounded everyone.
But that’s nothing to a man that’s on the run.
Track Name: Dispel Stasis in the Palace of Blood
When you start to wake and you open your eyes for the day,
then you start to fake what you’re feeling, what you say.
Hide from the sun, makes no difference what you do.
Passive-aggressive mistake, hear the door slam once again.

Hide yourself in your shell, don’t come out.
Trap yourself in your hell, scream and shout.

As the years start to pass, sinking deeper in what you lack.
As a matter of fact: at this point, you aren’t coming back.
Depression's a curse, family DNA.
So here comes the hearse for your dismay:
A funeral for your will
Reactive is first, or nothing to say.
You don’t even try, just coping each day.
Is your soul with you still?

Brace yourself for this hell, wait it out.
Not much more longer now, Death is about.
Face yourself in your hell, make it out
Stronger now, living well.
So hate me now.
Track Name: Better Things
Lyrics by Melissa Pomerantz.

Pick me up, give me a reason to face the day.
Head so heavy on my pillow when you’re away.
This cold apartment encases me
I’m lying dormant as my thoughts are racing endlessly.

Time stands still and I’m running in circles,
just let me be until this hopeless feeling washes over me.
And I can sing, of better things.

Winter’s cold fades into summer so instantly.
This embrace has never felt colder, still it's your arms I seek.
I try to hold on so desperately.
Trying to climb up this wall of insecurity.
I try so hard.

Time stands still and I’m running in circles,
just let me be until this hopeless feeling washes over me.
Time stand still and Im running in circles.
Just wait and see things will be better,
we're right where we should be.
Track Name: The Story of Don Juan
Tired and restless:
I want on the guestlist.
I want to get in for free.
I've paid my dues with many years of the blues.
So baby, please give it to me.

Pure self-indulgence.
I'm bragging and boasting on all that i offer to you.
Make no mistake I will not take a break,
I'll have my cake and ill eat it too.

With all this taste you'd think I'd had enough:
"I said I'm full but I'm not even done."

"el sabor del azúcar, la leche y la miel"
I need every variety.

Sociopathic and idiopathic prognosis
they put on to me.
She gave me the sweetness all fire and weakness,
right through me she couldn't see.

She said:
"This was fun but i have to move on, i'm sorry but I have to leave"

With ego bruised, I'm used, i'm moving on.
Now its back to a blank page and a song.

"Don't even wait for me at the gate for me, i'm taking off, please write."

Her eyes were wide
She said:

"Don't say goodbye"

I wished that she missed her flight

Down on his knees as he watched her finally leave.
Another promise he knew he couldn't keep.
Went home alone knew he wouldn't see her again
He swore one day that he would get revenge.
Track Name: At War With Me
Ain't got no motivation.
Just got this inspiration to put these fingers to the strings.
I'm stuck here in stagnation, just this procrastination.
I haven't done anything today but lay in bed.
I think i'll stay here instead.

Tune in. light up. come down.
Apartment filled with clouds.
I open my throat to sing.
I can't see through the smoke.
So i sit here and i choke.
Then one pill to balance our brains
I see that worried look on her face as i stare off into space.

Someone please light this match to get me through this task
that I don't really want to do.
I say I've had enough, but now I'm really stuck
Here comes another excuse.

Somewhere at the end of the tunnel there's a light I need to see.
If i could only just take that step against indulgence in me.
If i could only just say tomorrow should be done today.
Old habits in this old battle,
I'm at war with me.
Track Name: Macbeth
Where does time finally go?
Everything dies very slow.
Aries fire, horoscope.
Tell me where I should go.

Day by day they try to cope,
but I want to slay the dragons throat.
Get your sword, call for the king.
Time to burn everything.

When you fight with all your might.
Try to find purpose and sight.
Macbeth wasn’t handed king.
Don’t focus on Death, that’s the thing.

Meditiate when the sword hits the gut, strikes a chord.
You’ll come out the other side without a doubt,
A soldiers pride.

So when you fight, You know you're right.
The Journey to the End of the Night.

You’ll find in the darkness, there’s a light.
In time it will be in sight.

“I didn’t get what I wanted.”

If you focus on the result, you will never get the victory.
Track Name: Falling Again
Your cheeks flush when you blush.
You're winning me over again.
I can't help but think of why I said I love you then.
And now we are here now falling in love again.
With your heart and your strength,
we will become one again.

You're one in a million:
So wrap your arms around me.
I’m glad that you found me.
You always astound me.

And you're sweet like a treat that I can't get enough of.
If there were a heaven you would be sent from above.
The clothes are on the floor as we make love in the cold.
We could be together and just grow old together.
Let's be together.

I'm glad that you found me.
Just be around me.
Winning me over again
That's how we keep this going.

And like every love, there can be darkness.
But I know we can make it.

I’m glad you found me
You always astound me
Let's be together, forever.
Track Name: Awake
Sunk below the sea, I know you'll wait for me.
Ill haunt you in your dreams.
That's why you cant sleep.
In the forest there's a fire burning with desire,
is this what keeps you up?
Manic, full of love?

Subconscious dreams tear at the seams,
they connect the beams of synapses the seem to haunt you and me.
I know you want to be free.

You lie awake at night
and say "What's wrong with me?"
If I could only see.

Somewhere theres a beach, desolate by the sea.
We lay there in the sun away from everyone.
We sit and meditate, our minds drift a state.
Even if don't exsist, we can still have bliss.
I'll try to understand, but I'm only a man.

I'll try and calm you down.
i'll try to keep you grounded.
I'll try to take you there in time.
But honestly, your dreams are better than mine.

Is this what keeps you up at night?

You lie awake at night
and say "what's wrong with me?"
Trust me, I see.
It's the same that's wrong with me.

We lie awake:

and you say "what's wrong with me?"

It's the same that's wrong with me.
Track Name: Wish You Luck
Please don’t go.
I know it's time to leave.
We grow old with our hearts on our sleeve or so i'm told.
But you have to believe it will all end someday.

Here we go the waves of times they crash.
You had to know that it wouldn’t last.
I don’t know if I can lose another friend in the end.

I'll miss you now before you go.
I bid farewell to the past.
Did you really think it’d last?
Nostalgia fills the cracks that bleed into this open heart.
A brand new life, a brand new start.
I wish you luck in your path.

Our mistakes come catching up to us.
What will it take to learn that we must trust ourselves
to get us through this hell.

Until we break, will we learn when we fall on the ground
and make that crashing sound.
Will we be there to pick each other up when you all leave?

I wish you luck.