The Pope of Queen Village EP

by Matt Collaborate

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released October 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Matt Collaborate Evesham Township, New Jersey

A solo project where I do a lot of covers, and originals that I write or collaborate with people.

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Track Name: Sick
Everyone is working for the weekend,
When the weekend is when I work.

Where does the time go?

I’m forgetting faces I haven’t seen in so long.

I’m forgetting what you look like.

Everyone is waiting for a ship
to take them far away from here.

Where does the heart go
when you find new places,
(or) you haven’t seen the sun in so long?

I’m forgetting what they look like.

I’m sick of the 12 to 930.
I’m sick of the 830 to 6.

I just want to make it to 30.

I just want to feel alive.
Track Name: Spark
You say you've got something to say:

"I know you told the truth but I feel betrayed, I can't just let it go.
But will you stay?"

Can we put behind yesterday?
I'm just damaged goods with nothing to say.
Can we pretend it's all okay?
But you just admit the spark is gone, that's it.
One second an adult.
One second a kid.
We can't always get our way.

My selfishness with my kiss and tell.
I'm going to hell.

Fate, I thought brought us together,
now you fix my plate, cold when I get home
because I'm cold on the phone,
misery in my tone, are you not aware?
It's been a year that we've been here on the third floor.
You can even the score.
But it's not the same as it was before
Track Name: Don't Play With Fire
We meet for a drink,
and I can't even think
what you're thinking when you look away.

We meet here alone, a bar on the corner
while everyone stares at a screen.

I said I'd walk you home.
I won't let you go alone,
and I call out your name for a kiss.

But you say "This is wrong, we can't be alone.
This is bad. I'm just no good" you said.

I don't know what's good for me
and I know I'm a bastard.
But my heart beats for two.

It's not fair to her
and it's not fair to you.
I don't know what to do.

I want to break down the walls
that stands between us both
and I can't get you out of my mind,
all the time.

I have to scream it out loud
You say "You don't have to tell me
I know, but take me to the bar,
I gotta go"

I know I'll have to hold it in
We both need to atone for our sins
and this mess that we're in.

But this can't be the end,
maybe we could be friends.
We could stand in this room
and pretend.