Stay By My Side (Single)

by Matt Collaborate

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released March 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Matt Collaborate Evesham Township, New Jersey

A solo project where I do a lot of covers, and originals that I write or collaborate with people.

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Track Name: A: Stay By My Side
Stay By My Side:

Girl, why you making me feel this way?
You got me shaking with all the things that you say,
and you're making me spend every day
driving across this town to see your face.

And I know it's my own fault.
When we kiss, time stops.
And I know that I miss you.
Don't you miss me too?

Boy, why you making me feel this way?
You got me shaking with all the games that you play.
Got me waiting for you every day.
While I'm playing on the keys in the foyer.

And I know that you'll make time,
the way you look into my eyes.
And I know that I want you.
Don't you want me too?

As long as these chords collide I feel it in my bones.
And when our hearts collide I can feel it in these tones.
Just stay by my side so I'm not alone.

The seeds that we planted here, oh my how they have grown.
As long as our roots stay here I know that we'll be home.
Just stay by my side so I'm not alone.
Track Name: B: Snake Oil Tanker (Alkaline Trio)
Lyrics by Alkaline Trio.
Track Name: B: Some Kind of Peace (Live Apartment Version)
If I told you all the hell I went through
to get to you
you wouldn’t believe me.

My little boy story:
My long-winded tales of toil.
My journey from the soil.
In the end the victor gets the spoils:
A light at the end of the tunnel.

My bad boy story of dropping out.
My travels across the country:
Hotel doors and sleeping on floors,
My path was never-ending.

Please don’t get mad at me that I’m always on defense.
I try to forget my past and what they did.
The ones from before don’t mean a thing,
When were living in the moment
and open our mouths to sing.

Now here we are, baby:
Gone from the suburbs to the city,
So I sit up here in our apartment.
I don’t know If I deserve for you to be so kind,
but I know I finally did find
some kind of peace.

A small kind of peace.
Finally, some peace.

My life used to be so loud.
But now, I finally found
some peace and quiet with you.