Newbold EP

by Matt Collaborate

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released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Matt Collaborate Evesham Township, New Jersey

A solo project where I do a lot of covers, and originals that I write or collaborate with people.

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Track Name: Brotherly Love
This is my Heaven.
Track Name: Newbold

She said to me,
So easily.

As she stood outside hanging on to a stop sign on the street corner
on the phone.

I said
"Let’s go up these stairs to our place, and eat alone."

As the day turns into nigh:
I watch the twilight reflect off your eyes
as we rest our eyes to fall asleep.

But the noise never stops on Wharton Street.

Fate, it just might be as she belts out her voice and plays the keys.

You can play these songs with chords and combine our love,
chemistry in harmony.

All I want to do is live up here with you alone,
And walk this city block until I can get up here and escape the noise.

As the day turns into night:

I watch the twilight reflect off your eyes as we rest our eyes to fall asleep.

But the noise never stops on Wharton Street...
Track Name: Absence of the Hero
Tonight we would like to say goodbye to the outcome of our lives.

We fight to the death until our last breath.

I’ll try and fight for you but I can’t save you.
I’d be a light for you if you want too.
But there is no ship that will come save us.
If god has a plan, he sure does hate us.

Atonement for our sins.
The vices we have:
Sex, drink, and money.
We all get our share.

Yeah, we all get our share.

I can’t believe.

I can only believe in myself to get me through hell.
Track Name: Cactus
The rain falling on my windowsill.
The cactus leaning over to get its fill.

We all want to be alone, except we're waiting by the phone.
Don't stay too long outside, you're gonna catch a cold.

Now we're getting old.
And now we're bought and sold.
And we do what we're told.
Cause yeah, we're getting old.

And now we're getting old sitting in the cold.
Hold on.
Waiting by the phone.
And I'm waiting by the phone.
I'm out here in the cold.

Yeah, I'm getting old out here in the cold.

Waiting for that plant in my window to die.
One day it's gonna die.
And no ones gonna cry.
Waiting for that plant to die.
And I'm not gonna cry.

We're just leaning to the side.

One day we have to die.

We're all leaning to the side.
Track Name: Broad and Wharton
I left the baseball game.
I was going insane.
I was drunk and high.
I took the Broad Street line.

And I realized, I left my keys in his car.

I gave them all a call while I walked to Broad and Wharton.
Couldn't even talk.
No one answered their phones when I needed them the most.

So she picked me up in her pick up truck to take me down to her side of town.

She said that "I have to work."

So she put the camera on and went to work.

She got naked.

I was like a little kid and I fell asleep on her bed while she danced in front of the camera naked in her roach infested apartment.

But, she was my savior for that night.
I thought I was a goner because I'm drunk and high.

I left the baseball game .
I was going insane.

Now I can't complain because I was saved by this tattooed angel.

I left the baseball game because I was going insane.

I sat drunk and high on the street corner and I was saved.

I was saved.
Track Name: The Final Ecosystem
I could write a song in an hour after the shower,
but I'm a Retail slave that is taught to behave.

She said "I'm realizing now how hard life is..."

Now we just wait for vacation as police kill people across the nation.

The media vomiting their distractions, stopping us from taking action.

I'm going insane
I think I'm going insane.

Yeah, I'm going insane with all the mundane ways that people cope.

Give me a telescope to find The Final Ecosystem.

It's in our minds, and we're running out of time.

All these years caught between the creative and the career,
but there's no escape either way:

I just want to crawl up these apartment stairs just to get some reprieve.

Now I'm reduced to writing about where I'm from:
Cheating as an artist.
Failed as a writer.
Being a musician, I couldn't take it any longer.

I'm writing this one on my fucking own.

Some would say this place has no tone,
But I'm writing this story again on my own.