If This is Closure EP

by Matt Collaborate

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Songs recorded May - July 2017.
Two punk songs
Two folk songs
Two new versions


released July 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Matt Collaborate Evesham Township, New Jersey

A solo project where I do a lot of covers, and originals that I write or collaborate with people.

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Track Name: Johnny Brenda's
I should of known with the way you get drunk
and those deceitful eyes.
Should of known with the drama you start
to not trust you around other guys.

And another man
you once loved was there.
He was one of three hearts
that you had tattooed under your ear.

I should of taken your advice:

“You don’t date your side-piece”

And I know I’ve got you figured out.
And I knew I had all my doubts
with what you’re all about.
And you did your 180 spin
and you had to turn on me with him.
It was doomed from the beginning .

I know this sounds like
I’m trying to vilify,
defame and shame
And I made you cry.

But you blew your chance
of any chance we had.
So get out of my life
I was getting tired of getting high.

I should of taken their advice:

"You don’t date the fake pretty girls"

And I left Johnny Brenda’s that night
And I knew that something wasn’t right
by the look in your eyes.
Should of known that when a band
stays the night at your girlfriends,
It’s just too many guys,
Musician’s always lie.

And I’m paying for someones else’s mistakes,
Like you said, hypocrite,
I guess that’s how we relate.
Track Name: Mean Girls
I'm too nice to the mean girls.
I'm too mean to the nice girls.
I always end up with them both out of my world.
I don't know if I'm able to like those who aren't unstable.
I know I'm better off, yeah, I'm better off alone.

And I know they complain about the same things about us men.
And I know I'm jaded I'm not going to pretend
that I am stable inside my head.

And I won't let anybody in.
I've given up, I'm done with this.

I've wasted too much time living at least three lifetimes
method acting for this drama that fits my storyline.
I'm sick of all the emotions.
I only like it when it's begun,
and when it goes on for too long I like it when it's done.

And now it's over, over and done.

And I won't let anybody in.
I'm giving up, I'm done with this.
And I know I've got to let em go.
I was born to leave to and fro.
And I know I gotta let em go.
And I know I gotta let you go.
I've gotta let you go.
Track Name: It All Comes Full Circle
You said:

"It seems like so long ago when we first met"

We sat by the fire, how could I forget?
You couldn’t stand being ignored,
you had to know more.
I knew you were trouble,
but I never met anyone like you before.

And we chased each other to our beds.
Last Summer came and went.

Then in the Winter we got really close,
maybe too close.
We needed to get warm
and take off our clothes.

Then in the Springtime you pushed me away,
and I made you leave.
We both couldn’t put our hearts on our sleeves.

And we chased each other again.
It’s Summer again and you’re in my bed.

It’s now a year and we’re at it again,
Now we are right back where we began:

You said:

“It’s a cycle we’re powerless against”

and I wonder if this will ever end?

And we chased each other to our beds,
The Borderline and the Narcissist.
And we chased each other to our beds.
We’re just two trapped idiots.
Track Name: If This is Closure
If this is closure:
Then let me just hold her
as our bodies twist and twine
and as they combine,
It's sad, but I get to hold you
one last time.

This weekend I'm feeling impulsive
And this is so self-indulgent.
But I've been drinking
and I'm living in the moment tonight.

I need to say my peace.
I need to tell the truth.
That it was unfair of me to want to keep you both.

I know it's wrong to be in your bed.
Ignoring advice from all of my friends.
Going back on what I said.
But I feel there are things left unsaid.

If this is closure,
Then let me just hold her.
It's sad it's the end.
I get to hold you one last time.

Here we are again
getting high in your bed:
There's the scent of your room..
Can't help but stare at you like I always did

It felt so good to be in your arms.
Walking South Street 1am.
Sleeping in your bed.
But in the morning what's next?

Is this goodbye, is this the end?

The next night I showed up to her place drunk,
telling her the truth.
I felt her body one last time.
We both knew that we were through.

If this is the end
can't I just hold them
one last time?
It feels so right
being in their arms.
I've written so many god damn songs.
But I know it's time to move on.

Two women I wish I could love.
I've romanticized them for too long
so it's time to move on
with my life.

I know this is the end.
I wish we could be friends.
It's so hard
to not have you both in my life.

I swear this is goodbye, this time.
I lie and say that this is goodbye.
Track Name: Alcohol and Women (Reprise)
Alcohol and women
That always seems to be me
Getting drunk and kissing
That's when I feel free

I know it's a bad habit
Since I was 22
But tonight I want to get drunk
And just make out with you

Give me my Vodka-7
And you order your beer
A few more and i'm in heaven
Let go of all my fears

The introvert can't shut up
After just a few drinks
It's in my families blood
Now there no time to think

Or even raise a question
And get stuck in my head
Let's go back to my place
So we can lay down in my bed

You may think i'm a villain
But I know that I can't change
Can't get enough of women
With this smirk on my face

But there's a bluebird in my heart
Way deep down inside
I feed him booze and liquor
Behind these walls he hides

And you never will get to him
But maybe in my sleep
Because what's left of my soul
I'd would like to keep

What's left of my soul
I'd would like to keep
If you want my love
Just kill me in my sleep

I act so tough
When I am just hurt
But that's everyone
So let's just flirt

And build the tension
In our heads
So I'll invite you in and let's go to my bed

Let's get drunk you can use me tonight.
Let's get high you can use me tonight.
Let's get this over with and go to my bed.
Let's get this over with.
Track Name: Musicians and Writers (Reprise)
You want me when it's convenient
You want when you're drunk
You always get what you want
You want your ego pumped

I always get what I want
Please let me this time
It's always the ones that you want
That don't want you, every time

You have all your disinterest
That makes all of your indifference
You're always getting high all the time
And I wanted you to be mine

I want you when it's convenient
I want you when i'm drunk
I am just a hypocrite
But I'm just having fun

We were doing the same thing, baby
You had your men and I had my girls
It was driving me crazy
I had to get you out of my world

I have all of my indifference
That makes up my disinterest

You're always getting high all the time
To think I wanted you to be mine
I was always getting drunk all the time
That's when I wanted you by my side

Always falling for someone all the time
That just wants to just use me
That wants to abuse me
That doesn't wanna lose me
Their ego is bruised and
They try to protect it
But I won't let it
Get to to me this time
I guess just it's just fine
If i am your lifeline
Cause i also do it
I thought that you knew it
Yeah, I also do it
And i am a hypocrite.
Am i am too weak, yeah
To put down the phone and
I am a hypocrite
Always a hypocrite

Musicians and Writers
we're lovers, not fighters
Musicians and Writers
We're the biggest liars
We exploit the muses
for creatives juices

This whole thing is useless
This whole thing was useless
This whole year was useless
It was fucking useless

You were always getting high all the time
I was always getting drunk all the time

This whole thing was useless
and I need to end this
This whole year was useless
It was fucking useless
This whole thing is useless
And I need to end this:

This past year was useless.