Brothers Split

by Matt Collaborate

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The "Brothers Split" split is a collection of folk songs written and recorded by my brother and I mostly throughout 2014.


released August 28, 2014

Bryan Myers, Matthew Myers, Melissa Pomerantz, Brian Porbansky.



all rights reserved


Matt Collaborate Evesham Township, New Jersey

A solo project where I do a lot of covers, and originals that I write or collaborate with people.

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Track Name: Bryan William Myers - I'm a Human Being
There ain't no revolution,
if my bed ain't made.
No one will be safe;
nothing will remain,
except for my father's pain.

My life he explains like a dirty secret.
He abstains from speaking to the neighbors
about his strange, strange son.

But I'm a human being,
without him speaking of my shame.

There ain't no reform,
if no one is reborn to a light
from enough of the darkest hour losing their love.
A line has been crossed.
Not by politicians or ancient traditions but by us.

I won't show you how my heart breaks
if you show me a living soul
who wakes up in the morning
without playing up their role.
Where are all the people born unto themselves?
They're kneeling at the altar of the pyramidal spell.

But I'm a human being without lifting your stone.

If I refuse a fight, then I refuse to die.
If I refuse to fight, then I refuse to die.
Track Name: Matthew Joseph Myers - Chocolate
So full of bitterness that I can taste it:
Like the bittersweet taste on my taste on my lips with these days without you, like the chocolate I threw across the room.

Hear her laugh, the clown.
But inside they don't see all that she lacks.
Too much imbecility for one pack.
The cats hiss at me, they don't see all the facts.

Times I want to forget:
Glad I never have to clean up after one of your parties again
with you and you friends.
The lack of substance.
The petty, enablers.

Remember when you told me once that you were an empty person?
I guess that makes me egomaniacal like you say.
Remember all those times I took care of you, where were they?

You say I don't have a heart.
But I have something inside that you'll never have.
And you'll never change,
so I hope you spend your nights alone with your TV set.

Because that's what you'll do for the rest of your life,
sit and wait for that knight in shining armor to make you
his miserable wife.

In the end it wasn't worth all the drama and strife.
So have a nice life.
Track Name: Bryan William Myers - Money
I'm missing all the those things I used to know.
They're haunting me tonight.
You used to take your time.
You used to live your life.

And now you say,
I'm not doing fine. I don't have enough money to treat you right.
Oh, my dear. It's worthless and endless,
how much I really care.
But you don't dare to see things my way.
You'd rather be afraid of living without me.

I don't have the time to waste.
I got to make some money.

The stars, they rise.
There's shadows disappearing.
When the sun comes up, I know I've had enough.
But I keep waking, and I keep taking, and I keep faking everything.
Habits break through dead end streets.
I cannot stop repeating my mistakes.
And where does that leave us?

I don't have the time to waste.
I got to make some money.
I don't have the time to waste.
I got to make some money...
Track Name: Matthew Joseph Myers - Greyhound Bus
He's walking up to Filbert Street.
Greyhound station, he is leaving.
Got his ticket, get on the bus.
Once again, he's had enough.

"I can't this city anymore. I can't take these sleepless nights.
All I think about is her and how I can't get things right."

This place got the best of him again.
There was nothing I could say:

"If leaving again is what you need,
I can't blame you for not wanting to stay"

People sit with tired faces, the bus lights turn low as he gets on.
They pull away and leave the station:
and straight on....

He leaves me behind in the city again.
Brother, why?
You had to leave again.
I'll try and understand but I didn't get to say goodbye, again.

Goodbye, again.
Track Name: Bryan William Myers - Last Stop out of Florida
I'm not ready to start the day.
Gotta hit the bank.
Make sure I get paid.
Without a dream in hand, I wouldn't have reason to stand.
You always got something to say.
And I guess that helps me stay awake.
Our parting words I memorize.
But you're not ready to say goodbye.
Because you loved it here.
But you threw it all away.

Said, "Once they get a hold of you, kid,
there ain't no time to escape."
But I can't relate.

Down here south by Miami,
where I am someone new.
The sun is staring at me.
I don't face the truth.
Because I'm on my own, with a steering wheel.
We got free hotels and the highway.
I park the van after we smoke it out.
I don't even know where we are.
I think you said you used to live here.
But now everything has changed.
They went and messed with your life.
But you could get it back if you tried.
You just can't leave the northeast.
It tangles you in knots.
With roads designed for traffic.
I say we stay behind.

Down here south by the water,
the sky is spread so high.
The sun's been glaring at me.
It knows we could change our lives.

"So don't you stay anchored down,
with all that time to move around.
You're lucky 'cause you're young.
You see my face, man?
They already won...
So let's just drive away,
before I really miss this place.
And when we get to Carolina,
we'll see the spaceships in the stars.
So head home, head home.
Head home, head home.
My son, let's just head home."
Track Name: Matthew Joseph Myers - Old Friend
Is this all you feel inside?
Too much pride to see the ones you use.
The truth you hide.

Manipulation and lies,
I can see it now in your eyes to get everything you want.
It never was your fault.

I'm saying goodbye to you, old friend.
There's nothing to say in the end.

I couldn't see the truth.
I guess that I was blind.
Weak for ones like you, wasted all that time.

Disintegration will find a way to rationalize
the answer we didn't want to hear all along.

Eight years, and all the times I was there.
The problem was that I cared way too much for not much in return.
This is the final bridge I have to burn.

That night in the hospital, remember I was the one that was there.

What you have inside you'll never solve,
so I hope you understand why I can't answer your calls.
Track Name: Bryan William Myers - Brand New Start
I sing, baby. I like your style.
It drives me, oh, it drives me.
It drives me wild.
And all day long I pray for something better in your smile.
So don't worry. Don't you worry yourself so sick.
Because every dream inside your head is going to stick.

I know a place. Said, I know a place
where no one ever fades away.
When I go there, when I go there,
you're gonna see
why it took so long for everything.
Then we'll settle down and do our thing.

Each tidal wave is going to bring
a brand new start,
and a chance for you and I to proudly sing.

La da da. I ain't afraid.
So long as you're with me.
Track Name: Matthew Joseph Myers - In Love With the Road
It had been three years since I had seen you
and we drove in your car and I listened.
You told me all the place you had been,

"It won't be much longer that I'll stay in Austin" you said.

We watched the bats fly overhead.
Talking by the riverbed how no one place across the states is perfect no matter what place you stay.

That life for me I had left behind,
back up North I was spending my time,
I had made peace with my home,

but you said "I'm in love with the road,"

You have every essence of this country.
No woman had made me feel that way.
Our stars were crossed, it just wasn't in the cards.

"It's not going to happen, at least not tonight "

So I said goodbye and headed South,
I called you from a hotel room, but it just wasn't going to work out.
There was nothing I could do.

So good luck, and goodbye.
Enjoy the road.
You said you got things to do.
I must head home and fly alone.
I'm headed back North.

I said "I'll see you on the other side,"

So I hung up the phone and sat and thought of you alone.
Thinking maybe one day I'll see you again.