Betting on the Muse EP

by Matt Collaborate

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Recorded Jan-Feb 2017, very fast, very raw.


released March 7, 2017

Guitars, Vocals, and Keyboards done by Me.



all rights reserved


Matt Collaborate Evesham Township, New Jersey

A solo project where I do a lot of covers, and originals that I write or collaborate with people.

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Track Name: Perfect
It could be perfect
You and me
It could be worth it
If only you’d see
It could be perfect
Me and you
I think it's worth it
To pursue

I think it could be great
If you’d let me take you on a date
It could be perfect
If we let it

All the signs are there
Let’s get drunk
I don’t even care
I just want it to be perfect

It could be perfect
You and me
Let me in your bed
You will see
Blonde hair and blue eyes
And your skin
Your thin disguise
Let me in

I think it could be great
If you’d take me home after this date
It could perfect
If we let it
All the signs lead home
to your apartment
where we can get warm
Let’s get high
in your bedroom

It could be perfect
If you’d just let it
Forget the past
Lets just forget it
I just want you in my arms tonight
Let it be perfect
All right
Track Name: Secret
Keep it Like a Secret
let’s get Lifted in your room
Keep me like a secret
You said you didn’t want to ruin
this record for you on long drives
With my "Lover I Don’t Have to Love"
I’ve played this song a thousand times
When I’ve fallen out of love

So keep like a secret
No one has to know
Keep it like a secret
It's time for me to crawl
into your bed late at night
Theres no drama and theres no fights
Lure me in turn out your lights
A fire burns chemical bonds

Don’t let anyone know the secret
Keep me in your back pocket
Hung around like a necklace
Or a silver locket

I’m fine with this if your fine with this
But something happens when we kiss
Is there an arrow I might miss
If we keep this contract like it is
(keep me your secret)

I want to grow but i'm afraid
I need to be alone today
I need time for this wound to heal
But I can’t help your sex appeal
(please hold on to me)

So keep like a secret stash
In your drawer next to your hash
I'll get you high like you said to me
You feel elated and healthy
So i'll take you like a vitamin
It's cold outside
Please let me in
Track Name: Vicious Teeth
Let’s go back in this time machine
There’s a box with a clock and your name on it
Buried down in the basement below

Did you get what you want from me?
Here’s your chance to vilify me
Still bitter after all this time

We grew up in a small town
Knew that we had to get out
What happened to those teenage dreams?

You say you’re not happy with him
Where’s your will to leave?
I want what’s best for you as a friend
But your resentment is your form of relief

I don’t want to go back in this time machine
Get over the past and you’ll see
Who I am now is not man I used to be
But you will never be able to see

Was spiteful in my writing
Was spiteful in my songs
You just had to read everything
You had to get what you want

We can dwell in nostalgia
And all that we learned
But the past comes back to bite you
Once again I got burned

Biting hard now
With vicious teeth

I’ll be your friend, just let go of the past
Cast your stones til the end
but that won’t stop you from being depressed
I'll be your friend, just end the bitterness
Maybe you'll never change
That’s what stops your happiness
Track Name: Betting on the Muse
You know I shake when I get drunk and nervous
You know that makes me a degenerate regardless
I don’t know why you waste your time with me
But baby, if you could just see I’m harmless
And then maybe if you could get the gist
I like it when we both do kiss and touch

If you could only see if we could be together
I know its getting cold and we both hate this weather
On the east coast

But your from the west and you say that it's best
If we take it slow, yeah

You know we take these kinds of things for granted
With each seed that grows, and different things we planted

I know I understand you have your reservations
I am just a man and I have these temptations, self indulgence
Oh yeah

But you’re a woman, can’t help be but attracted
When you stare at me your eyes are so seductive
With your clothes off
Oh yeah

And the way you talk
And the way you wear your hair
Oh yeah
You just don’t care
and that’s fair

but you say you feel it too

do you feel it too?
You said you feel it too
Yeah, you feel it too
Track Name: Colors
I hope that you understand now
I am your biggest fan now
I’m mesmerized by the colors of your eyes

When I see you on that stage
My mind goes to another place
You can’t see without the glasses on your eyes

Will you meet me at the bar?
I know you don’t have to walk far
I’ll walk you home under the city lights

Please grab hold and hold my hand
I hope that you understand
Let’s get high and please don’t tell me lies

I’m mesmerized by the colors of your eyes
I’m sure that comes as no surprise

Don’t say no and don’t be jaded
I know that I can be frustrating
East coast blood can make you a paranoid guy

I just want to make you laugh
I just want to make this last
Let’s go out and get lost in the night

We’ll take it slow I’m fine with that
I know we’re not ready yet
I’m offering my soul and my time

The most beautiful woman in town
I just like having you around
Laying in your bed and I feel fine

I'm mesmerized by the colors of your eyes
I'm sure this comes as no surprise
Track Name: Musicians and Writers
You want me when it's convenient
You want me when you're drunk
You always get what you want
You want your ego pumped

I always get what I want
Please let me this time
It's always the ones that you want
that don't want you everytime

You have all your indifference
that makes all your disinterest

You're always getting high all the time
And I want you to be mine

I want you when it's convenient
I want you when I'm drunk
I am just a hypocrite
But I'm just having fun

We are doing the same thing, baby
You have your men I have my girls
This is driving me crazy
I need to get you out of my world

I have all my indifference
that makes all my disinterest

You're always getting high all the time
to think I wanted you to be mine
I'm always getting drunk all the time
and that's when I want you by my side

Always falling for someone all the time
that just wants to use me
that wants to abuse me
that doesn't wanna lose me
their ego is bruised and they try to protect it
But I won't let this get to me this time
But I guess it's just fine
if I am your lifeline
cause I also do it
I thought that you knew it
yeah, I also do it
cause I am hypocrite
cause I am too weak, yeah
to put down the phone and
yes I am a hypocrite
always a hypocrite
Musicians and Writers
we're lovers not fighters
We're the biggest liars
Musicians and Writers
we exploit the muses
for creative juices
The whole thing is useless.
Track Name: Alcohol and Women
Alcohol and Women
that always seems to be me
getting drunk and kissing
that's when I feel free

I know it's a bad habit
since I was 22
But tonight I want to get drunk
and just make out with you

Give me my Vodka-7
and you order your beer
A few more and I'm in heaven
Let go of all my fears

The introvert can't shut up
after just a few drinks
It's my families blood
Now there's no time to think
or even raise a question
and get stuck in my head
Let's go back to your place
so I can lay down in your bed

You may think I'm a villain
But I know that I can't change
Can't get enough of women
with this smirk on my face

But there's a bluebird in my heart
way deep down inside
I feel him booze and liquor
behind these walls he hides
and you will never get to him
But maybe in my sleep
because what's left of my soul
Baby, I'd like to keep

What's left of my soul
I would like to keep
If you want my love
just kill me in my sleep

I act so tough
when I am just hurt
But that's everyone
so let's just flirt
and build the tension
in our heads
so invite me in
and let's go to your bed

Let's go to your bed (let's get drunk)
and get this over with (you can use me tonight)

Let's get this over with.